Rain Room

After more than two months in London I got used to the rain. I accepted it as a part of everyday life. Yet, the Brits talk about it like it is something so rare and unusual. They are obsessed with the rain.

“What’s the weather like outside? Oh, it’s raining?! Oh, my… They said it is going to rain tomorrow as well!” You don’t say?! One of the main attractions of London these days is Rain Room in the Barbican’s Curve. The main idea behind this Random International’s installation is for the visitors to interactively experience what is it like to control the rain.

You will walk around 100 square meters large area while the water pours on you from the ceiling. The amazing thing is – you will not get wet. There are eight sensory cameras fixed to the ceiling and they scan the room in 3D.

Even though the cameras will prevent the rain from falling on you while you walk, if you start running, you will get wet. The sensors do pick up the movement even if you run, but the gravity limits the speed of the drops falling from the ceiling.

With the sound of the rain and the bright lights at the end of the darkened room you will see, feel and hear the rain like never before.

The other idea of this artwork is to put your trust in the artists to the test. It is a social experiment. They invite you to explore what role technology and human behaviour play in our environment.

Creative minds behind the Rain Room are Hannes Koch, Florian Ortkrass and Stuart Wood who founded Random International in 2005. Their studio is based in London’s Chelsea.

The exhibition is open until March 2013. Although you will not get wet, bring a pair of rain shoes – after all, there are still many puddles.

Besides, you might feel like testing the gravity at some point and running through the room as fast as you can.


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