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FreeDigitalPhotos.netNo matter what I do, I always listen to music – at least in the background. Since I move around a lot, I tend to carry all my music with me wherever I go.

Before I moved to London, I got a new external hard drive and put all 100+GB of my carefully collected music on it. I even categorised it in genres and subgenres. So, when the IT guy told me my new hard disk died of the unknown reason, I was heartbroken.

After days of sorrow and clicking on the random music videos on youtube, I decided to listen to internet radios. In case you find yourself in the same situation (and let’s pretend that all of us listen to music legally only), look no further! I present you my top five free music websites.

1. is a huge music library founded in the UK in 2002. It has more than 21 million of active users. Besides music, the website offers statistics and community pages.

You can search for an artist or genres and you can easily find similar artists to the ones you like. If you download scrobbller, it will count the music you listen to and recommend the artists you might like based on your listening history.    last-fmYou can listen to the artist’s radio for free until the trial runs out. After that, you can either subscribe for 3 euros per month, or you can continue with listening to the free songs from the lastfm discover page.

The website is interactive, user friendly and easy to navigate. It has information about all the artists and it will recommend music events that are happening in your area.

2. 8tracks is internet radio where anyone can make their playlists. You can browse the playlists based on the artists, genres or the moods (sleepy, winter, coffee, studying, etc.).


I prefer the over the 8tracks. On the latter you listen to the playlists made by the others and you might not always like their choices. You have limited amount of the “skip track” clicks. After that, you can either suffer with other user’s choices or change the playlist and start all over again.

On the plus side, you can connect to the scrobbller through the 8tracks and get the best use from the both websites.

3. Jango is a similar website to the 8tracks. It is another internet radio website, where you can browse the artists or genres and it will play similar tracks to the ones you have picked.


I prefer 8tracks over this one, simply because of the form of the website. Jango has too many small photos, it has a lot of shades of the same colour and I get confused from time to time while I use it.

4. GrooveShark is a quite simple website to use. It might work for you depending on the music you like.


For example, if you type Lana del Rey in the search bar you will get 475 songs (most of them remixes), but if you type Johnny Cash you will get only one song.

5. Tune In is a website through which you can, as the name says, tune in to almost any radio station in the world. You can find the stations through the music genre, talk show, country or town.


For example, I like to type in random things – like, The Bahamas. I find the station that plays the music I like, tune in and pretend that I am there for a while.

Of course, there are other free music websites. MixCloud and Pandora are among the most popular ones. Yet, I find everything I need on the ones I listed.

Check them out and happy listening!


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