Christmas Spirit

IMG_9334There is one song that will mark my winter in London. I hear it everywhere I go. And, no, it is not Gangnam Style. It’s Mariah Carrey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You.

The absolute Christmas frenzy has started in the UK. The Brits have been talking about it for two months now! In the early October was the first time I saw “Christmas lunch special” in a pub close to the Hyde Park.

The bank clerk told me on the 4th of October: “Are you excited? Christmas is close!” I believe I offended him when I replied that I am more excited about the Halloween.

Ever since I saw the movie Love Actually, I knew Christmas is a pretty big deal in the UK. However, I didn’t expect fully decorated shops, Christmas markets, Christmas trees and Mariah Carrey’s song blasting through the speakers everywhere I go.

Winter Wonderland
One of the largest Christmas decorated areas is Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. It has everything: a market, fun rides, taverns, ice sculptures, Santa Land, zip line, haunted house (not sure how Christmasy this is), North Pole, Barrel of Laughs, etc.


Since it is still a Wonderland, you can also find some Alice themed areas: Mad Hatter’s Tea Shop and Alice tea cups ride.

I was absolutely amazed when I saw The Carousel Bar. Just grab a glass of a mulled wine and join the ride – while the Christmas music blasts all around you.


I have to admit that after the visit to the Winter Wonderland, I got into the whole Christmas Spirit. I called my friend on Skype yesterday and I asked her if she has done her Christmas shopping yet. She looked at me like I am insane and said: “But it’s only the beginning of December”.

Oh, right.


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