Christmas Spirit

IMG_9334There is one song that will mark my winter in London. I hear it everywhere I go. And, no, it is not Gangnam Style. It’s Mariah Carrey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You.

The absolute Christmas frenzy has started in the UK. The Brits have been talking about it for two months now! In the early October was the first time I saw “Christmas lunch special” in a pub close to the Hyde Park. Continue reading


Rain Room

After more than two months in London I got used to the rain. I accepted it as a part of everyday life. Yet, the Brits talk about it like it is something so rare and unusual. They are obsessed with the rain.

“What’s the weather like outside? Oh, it’s raining?! Oh, my… They said it is going to rain tomorrow as well!” You don’t say?! Continue reading

The Remembrance Poppy

Remembrance PoppyIf you have walked around London in the last couple of days, you must have seen a lot of people wearing paper poppy pins on their coats. Men and women, old and young, celebrities, the Royal family – everyone wears them. And if you are not from Commonwealth country, you probably have no idea what is all the fuss about. Continue reading